What do I do if my wallet installation fails?

Installation Assistance

There are several reasons why your wallet install might have failed.
  • There is not enough space on your device.
  • There is poor or no network connection.
  • You have no data or are not connected via Wi-Fi.
  • Your device is on data saver mode. If this is the case, make sure that Google Play Store and Google Play Services are not part of this list.
  • You might need to clear your cache.
    • This can be done by going to your Settings-> Apps & notifications-> Google Play Store-> Storage-> Clear data.

If you get a message on the screen that indicates that the app is "not compatible" with your device then the wallet might have compatibility issues with your smartphone. To check this simply go to the Play Store on your device and search for the app to see if it installs. 

  • Make sure your App Store or Google Play Store is updated.
  • It might be a location-based issue if the wallet is not available where you are, as the app is country-specific.
  • If you get an error message that tells you that the device is not compatible, it might be an APK issue. You can check whether your device is compatible by manually installing the wallet using your personal Play Store account. Failure to install might be the result of one of the following problems:
  • App signatures do not match
  • The latest version of the wallet has been installed and can’t be downgraded
  • Your device can’t read the APK files
  • When the old app and new wallet have different permissions, make sure they are the same
  • To combat this, you can manually install the wallet by using the APK in the App Repository. If this still does not work then the problem is with the APK file.