How to upload your menu items, products or services all in one go.

Use the “bulk upload” functionality in your dashboard if you have many items to list in the app.

We understand the value of time, and that is exactly why we have developed the functionality for you to upload your menu items, products or services in a faster, more efficient way.

Step 1:
Bulk Uploader - Step 1
Step 2:
  • Once logged in, select the 4th icon in the left-hand navigation bar Notebook 
  • Click the “Bulk Uploader” button in the top right hand of your screen bulkuploader icon
Bulk Uploader - Step 2
Step 3:
  • On the next screen, click the pink “Download Empty Template” button. template_icon
  • A blank Microsoft Excel document will download to your computer. The file will be named “empty-ubu-bulk
  • Go to your “Downloads” folder and open the Microsoft Excel file. 
    Step 3
    Step 4:
    • Now it’s time to add your individual menu items, products or services. Under the “product_name” column, add your first product e.g. Hot Chocolate.
    • Once done, enter the price for the Hot Chocolate in the “price” column on the right-hand side. 
    • Let’s add another item with its price, for example, Americano for R20
    Step 4

    Step 5:

    • Now that you successfully captured your product names and prices, you can add the “Category” for these items
    • Under the ‘category_id’ column, add ‘HOT BEVERAGES’ to all the products in this category. See below:
    Step 5

    Step 6:

    • Now add the product id numbers.  In the “new_product_id” column, enter the product id number of your first product name. For example, ref1.
    • The product id determines where in your product list the items will appear, we’ll show you when we have uploaded it into the dashboard
      • NB. The product ids need to be different when capturing different products names. Eg. ref1, ref2, ref3, etc.

    Step 7:

    • At this stage, you have successfully created your item listing onto the Microsoft Excel Sheet, now let’s continue to uploading your items into your dashboard.
    • Save and close the file. Ensure that you save the file in a .csv file format. 
      • NB. The downloaded file MUST be saved in a .CSV format

    Step 8:

    • You are now ready to perform the upload. Navigate back to your Vendor Dashboard Bulk Uploader screen
    • Click on “New Tasknew task iconbutton in the top right of your screen
    • A box will appear, add your email address in the “Notification Email” field
    • You can drag and drop the excel file or click on “Choose File” and go into your downloads folder to select the file you downloaded as a .CSV
    • Click “Submit” 
    Bulk Uploader - Step 8

    Step 9:

    • When you get to the next screen, check the status of your task by clicking the “Refresh” refreshiconbutton
    • Make sure the status shows as “COMPLETED” before you navigate away from this screen
      Bulk Uploader - Step 9

      Step 10:

      • Navigate back to your "Categories"  category icon icon.
      • Check that your additional categories and items have been added.
      • You will be able to add your products images here.
      • Once you are satisfied, click "Save".
      Bulk Uploader - Step 10
      • Be sure to have a look at what it looks like in the Marketplace.
      • Open any registered UBU App on your Android phone or iPhone, go to the “Discover” tab at the bottom of your phone’s screen
      • Search for your store using the “Search” icon to find your store
      • Congratulations! You have successfully captured and uploaded your products to your store