How to purchase a live event ticket

Everything you need to know about live events

Here are the steps to follow to purchase your live event tickets, and how to share them if you are buying for friends.

1_Citizen_HowtoWatchStream Step 1:
  • Open your wallet.
2_LiveEventPurchases Step 2: 
  • Click on the “Discover” button Discover
  • Choose the “Events” tab events
  • Find your event, click on “View More” viewmore
3_LiveEventPurchases Step 3: 
  • Click on the event you want to buy tickets for.
4_LiveEventPurchases Step 4: 
  • Click on the “Pay” pay button to make your purchase.
6_Citizen_HowtoWatchStream Step 5:
  • Enter your App pin to confirm your purchase.
7_LiveEventPurchases Step 6: 
  • Once your transaction is confirmed you will be able to view your ticket by clicking on the “View Ticket” viewticket button.
8_Citizen_HowtoWatchStream Step 7:
  • To view your purchased tickets in future, open your wallet and click on the wallet icon.  wallet
  •  Then click on “My tickets” to view your ticket history.
9_LiveEventPurchases Step 8:
  • You will be able to see all your upcoming and past events.
Step 9:
  • Click on the ticket you have just bought and you will find your QR Code that gives you entry to the venue.
  • You have the option to share the ticket if you’ve purchased for friends.
  • Click on the "Share Ticket" shareticket button.
  • Please note, you can only share via email.