How to order for delivery

Order using your wallet and track your delivery

Follow the easy steps below or have a look at our 'Pay & Collect | Pay & Deliver' video.

Delivery - Step 1
  • Step 1:
    Once you have decided on the item you want to buy, select it and confirm the quantity you want.
Delivery - Step 2


  • Step 2:
    Select your order method.

    You have the choice to:
    • Pay in-store.
    • Collect in-store.
    • Deliver to me.
Delivery - Step 3
  • Step 3:
    Select your payment method.

    You can also change your chosen delivery address and include any delivery notes here too.
Delivery - Step 4
  • Step 4:
    If required, enter new delivery details.
Delivery - Step 5
  • Step 5:
    Confirm your purchase by entering your secure pin.
Delivery - Step 6
  • Step 6:
    Your transaction will be confirmed, you will get an in-wallet receipt with a QR code that will confirm your payment.
Collection - Step 6
  • Step 7:
    Once payment has been confirmed, you can begin to track your order.

Once your order has been delivered successfully, you will receive an
in-wallet notification confirming that your transaction is complete.