How to be become an agent and use your network to make money

Monetise your contacts by referring small businesses to join UBU’s growing ecosystem

It’s not what you know, but who you know, that could earn you an ongoing passive income. Sign up any small businesses in the Food-and-Drink or Health-and-Wellness industries and your referral could earn you money every time a customer purchases from them.

To find out how it works and what’s in it for you, check out our Become an Agent page.

So, you’re ready to make money online? All you have to do is follow these easy steps:

Step 1:

How to become an AGENT - Step 1

Step 2:

  • You will land on your “Profile” page Profile_icon
  • Please ensure all your information is correct
How to become an AGENT - Step 2

Step 3:

  • Next, click on the “Referral” icon Referral_Icon
  • Your unique “Referral URL” can be found here. This is the link that you’ll share with your contacts that you invite to join the UBU ecosystem
  • NOTE: You will be able to view a full list of your referrals,  and whether or not they have registered and active
How to become an AGENT - Step 3

Step 4:

  • Once your referrals sign up and start trading, you can track your overall earnings and the vendors that you have referred by clicking on the “Dashboard” icon dash
How to become an AGENT - Step 5
  • NOTE: Please ensure that your banking information is always up to date to ensure that we can transfer funds to you when you request a payout.
  • You can do so by clicking on the "Payout" icon payout_icon
How to become an AGENT - Step 4

NOTE: You can change your banking details in your dashboard.