How to Accept Payments from a Customer

How do I know if a payment has been made by a customer and is in my UBU account.

There are two ways you can check if a payment has been made to you by a customer.

Option 1: On your Vendor Dashboard

  • Login to your dashboard  
  • Once logged in, select the 2nd icon in the left-hand navigation bar, called “orders”. orders
  • In your Order List, you will be able to view the Payment Status of all transactions, with the date and time stamps as shown below.
Vendors - How to Accept Payments (Desktop)


Vendors - How to Accept Payments (Phone)

Option 2: On your Customers' Wallet App

  • Once a customer has completed a transaction, they will be presented with a screen as shown.
  • You will be able to see the item that was purchased, or the amount paid, as well as the date and time stamp to confirm that the transaction has been successful.