How does streaming work?

The ins and outs of streaming. Everything you need to know.

If I am not logged into my app when the event starts, will I get a notification? 
You won’t get a notification from your app. You can add the event to your calendar via the app and sync the two so you get a reminder. You will be able to open the streaming channel via the “Watch Now” button an hour before the show starts to give you plenty of time to set up the live stream. You’ll even have a timer to count you down an hour before start time. 

Can I share my stream?
No, you can’t. You can cast the show to your TV or laptop and host a watch-gathering at home with close friends and family.  

Can I record my stream and share later?
No, unfortunately not.

Is there a delay while streaming?
The quality of the streaming will depend on the quality of your internet connection. 

Can I enable multiple streams for an event?
No, you have one stream which you can cast to your TV, laptop or tablet. 

Can I stream to multiple devices?
No, you can only watch the event on one device, either smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV.  You can cast from your cell phone to your smart TV or tablet.

Can I preview my stream, before going live?
Yes, the event will display on your mobile device after you click on “Watch Now”.