How do the Pay-and-Deliver and Order-and-Collect features work?

Want to offer the Collection and Delivery feature for your store?

Using the UBU platform, you’ll be able to offer your customers delivery of their purchases, or the ability to order and collect in-store.

Managing these purchases is very easy and is done within your Vendor Dashboard which you are able to access when you log in to your account.

Setting up your Pay-and-Deliver and Order-and-Collect

Update your profile to include Delivery as an option by ticking the delivery box on the Vendor Profile page. If you are going to charge a delivery fee, add the amount you will charge, and then enter the radius in which you’re willing to deliver.

If you are offering delivery, you must ensure that you are able to deliver within a reasonable timeframe. You are able to limit how far away you’ll deliver by updating your delivery radius - this will help ensure that your delivery can take place timeously.

Your delivery radius should be entered in km's – use decimals for parts of a kilometre. Only customers in your deliverable area will be able to select the delivery option.

Tick the ‘Pickup’ box if you want to offer customers the option to place their order and collect in-store.


Viewing and managing your orders 

All incoming orders can be viewed on the Order List. On the first screen, you’ll be able to view all orders throughout the process. 

When a customer places an order, this will appear on the order list as “RECEIVED”.

Click on the order number to view the details for the order. Click on the ‘Accept Order’ button at the top right of the screen to accept the order. Your customer will be able to track the order within their app and they will be notified via SMS.
Once you’re ready to dispatch your order, update the status by clicking on the “Dispatch Order’ button in the top right corner. Once delivered, you can update it again by clicking on the “Delivered” button. Your customer will receive updates during every step of the process and can track the status of their order within their app.
The same process is followed for Order-and-Collect with the exception that you can update the order status while it is being prepared, and when it is ready for collection. Your customer will be informed when they can collect their order.
Your order list will update with the new order statuses and you can refresh the page at any time to view new orders or view the current statuses of orders.
Updating or changing items in your catalogue is also very easy and done within the Vendor dashboard. View our FAQ for more information on how to do this.